SWTOR Shae Vizla / “Mynock” Mando Armour Build

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Shae Vizla

In 2014 I set out to make this armor set for my wife who was at the time developing quite a liking for SWTOR herself. Half way through the project however, we divorced, and the Shae Vizla project was put on an indefinite hold. 

Then, in the summer of 2016, the folks at BioWare bestowed a huge honour on me by naming a character in Star Wars the Old Republic after me!

Mynock NPC

"Mynock" is a mando warrior NPC who can be found guarding the entrance to Shae Vizla's camp on the planet Darvannis in the STWOR expansion "Mandalore's Revenge". I had a little bit of say in the armor type, colour scheme and weapon he's sporting, so I set out to finish the armor for myself!

Click on the links below to view the build diary for each costume part, or simply scroll down to see photos of the completed armor.

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Helmet

SWTOR Mercenary Foundry Helmet

Mandalorian Helmet Stand

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Arms

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Belt Assembly

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Torso

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Legs

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Jet Pack

SWTOR Mynock Soft Parts

SWTOR Mandalorian “Beskad” Sword

SWTOR Shae Vizla Bounty Hunter Blaster (Free blaster STL file inside)

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Click on the images below to see a larger version (images open in a new window).

IMG 7085
IMG 7086
IMG 7087
IMG 7092
IMG 7077
IMG 7072
IMG 7071
IMG 7073

The following photos were taken at Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017.

Shae Vizla SWTOR Mynock Armor 2
IMG 6166
20170414 174212
20170414 174145
Mynock Shae Vizla 2
Mynock Shae Vizla Jetpack 4
Mynock Shae Vizla Jetpack 3
Mynock Shae Vizla Jetpack 1
Mynock Shae Vizla Torso 3
Mynock Shae Vizla Torso 4
Mynock Pauldron 2
Mynock Pauldron
Mynock Leg 4
Mynock Leg 3
Mynock Shae Vizla Gauntlet
20170414 204643
Mynock Mandalorian Armor-1
IMG 6158-1
IMG 6156-1

Next few photos are with Charles Boyd, the Creative Director for Star Wars the Old Republic.

Mynock and Charles Boyd SWTOR
20170414 214542
20170414 214548

The following few photos are with Charles Sheeley of RuthlessFX  as Tulak Hord. (Links open in a new window.)

Mynock Shae Vizla Tulak Hord 4
Mynock Shae Vizla Tulak Hord 2
Mynock Shae Vizla Tulak Hord 3

In the following photo, from left to right: Jon and Robyn Webb (instagram: twilekquinn), myself, and Taylor and Charles Sheeley of RuthlessFX (link opens in a new window).

IMG 6162
FullSizeRender 36
FullSizeRender 35
20150507 163017-1
20150507 163042-1
20150507 163222-1

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