About Me

My name is Taras, and I am just an average guy, who in his downtime likes to make all kinds of stuff in the garage. I used to be quite creative as a kid...

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(Above: a 12 year old me in a Batman costume I made out of garbage bags, tape, and cereal box paper)

but then grew up, and as most adults became a boring busybody, spending too much time working, and not enough playing.

With the release of BioWare’s Star Wars: the Old Republic in 2011, my inner kid suddenly came to life again. Inspired by the story, and Blur Studio’s epic cinematic trailers, I decided it was time to get creative again. So, I began to research various prop-making methods, and over the next few years, turned my two car garage into a hobby workshop.

Over the past several years I’ve taught myself how to model on the computer, and invested in numerous tools, 3D printers, and other gadgets which have greatly increased my productivity. 

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Ultimately, I created this website to share the methods and techniques I’ve learned (and continue to learn), documenting both successes and failures with the hopes of helping other DIY enthusiasts like myself make cool things at home.

Browse around, and enjoy!

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