Sith Acolyte Elbow Plates

Initially, given their relatively simple design, I wanted to vacuum form the elbows. However, after consulting the reference material more closely, I saw that there were some sharp grooves that would not come out well during vacuum forming. I figured that the best way to get the detail would be to create a solid block in the general shape of the elbow plate, vacuum form an ABS shell over it, cut the detail out of that, glue it down to the aforementioned block, and cast the whole thing in silicone.

Using my well-honed method of folding paper, drawing half the design, cutting out said design, unfolding paper, and arriving at a near-perfect symmetry, I began working on the Sith Acolyte elbow pads.

IMG 5242
IMG 5243

I traced this onto a sheet of .04 ABS plastic, (the are some extra lines/overlaps in the drawing; these are mistakes that have no bearing on the final design)...

IMG 5244

… and cut out the design using a utility knife.

IMG 5245

Folding and then gluing the pieces together, and adding some more ABS plastic to complete one of the walls, I arrived at this:

IMG 5247

When building the walls, I made sure to put the glue on the outside of the structure, sealing all cracks and joints. This structure would eventually act as a mold to pour resin into, so it needed to be sealed tight.

IMG 5248

I ended up with a little hollow box; I built up the walls using some plasticine, sprayed the inside with mold release, and filled the box with Smooth Cast 65D resin tinted with black So-Strong pigment.

IMG 5249

To fill the box took two pours, since I didn't mix enough the first time. After all that hot glue, I noticed that I didn't seal the bottom well enough, as a little resin seaped through. Luckily, this stuff sets very quickly, and the liquid became viscous enough to seal the leak before too much resin escaped.

IMG 5250

After demolding, I realized I made the front wall bend inward into the mold, which would lock the mold into the plastic during vacuum forming. So, I built this side up with Bondo, and using a belt sander, I ended up with a buck ready for the vac table.

IMG 5283

Using .08 gauge ABS, I did a pull.

IMG 5288

I trimmed the piece out, cut it in half along the middle, cut out the middle rectangle from a scrap piece of ABS, and glued everything to the resin block.

IMG 5290

Applying Rebound 25 in two coats - the print coat being sped up by applying heat, with the second coat thickened with Thi-Vex…

IMG 5291

… I  cold cast the pieces in aluminum, and trimmed them using my belt sander. Due to the smooth finish of the ABS plastic being perfectly captured by the silicone, it took almost no effort to bring out the shine using steel wool. I added some scratches and imperfections using a rotary tool, lightly sprayed these areas with flat black Krylon paint, let dry, and used steel wool to take the excess paint off the surrounding smooth surface. The scratches and dents captured the black paint, making the pieces look old and weathered.

Sith Acolyte elbow armor plates were thus completed.

IMG 5299
IMG 5298

Version 2

Over a year later, I decided to go back and redo the elbows to a more screen accurate, larger shape. I CAD modelled the new plate on the computer, and exported the STL file for printing.

Screenshot 2015-02-12 03.56.30

Once the elbows were 3D printed...

20150212 171808

… I covered them with Bondo spot putty and let sit in front of a heater to dry.  Sanding revealed some uneven spots, which I filled with more spot putty, sanded and then primed using automotive primer. 

20150212 173636

A few more rounds of putty, sanding and priming produced a nice, smooth surface, ready for molding.

20150212 183604

I built up the base underneath the elbow plates with some thin craft foam from Walmart, and coated everything with SuperSeal, which helps seal any pores left on the surface.

20150226 163253

Next, using Rebound 25 Silicone and the same technique used for version 1 plates, I molded the elbows, and trimmed the excess silicone off. Since I made the molds quite thick, there was no need to do a mother mold (or support shell), so I left it as is.

20150227 111534

Next, using SmoothCast 65 resin infused with aluminum powder, I slush cast the outer layer of the elbow plates, then followed this up with another layer of 65D, this time pigmented grey, but without the aluminum additive.

20150227 114112

Once the resin cured, I demolded the plates, trimmed and painted using the same Dupli-colour spray paint as before.

20150227 121806

The wear effects were done using abrasion as well as silver Testors paint,  which completed the piece.

20150227 135622

Thanks for looking!

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