Sith Acolyte Armor Build

Nemesis Acolyte

This is a step-by-step production diary of my 501st Legion-approved version of the Sith Acolyte Armour as seen in the Star Wars: the Old Republic game trailers “HOPE”, and “SACRIFICE". Since beginning this project in the summer of 2012, the armor has and continues to undergo an extensive and complex evolution, as I continue to perfect my prop-making techniques and upgrade my tool arsenal. Click on the links below to view the build diary for each costume part, or simply scroll down to see photos of the completed armor.

Sith Acolyte Mask Versions 1-4 (archived) production notes

Sith Acolyte Helmets production notes

Sith Acolyte Gauntlet Assembly production notes

Sith Acolyte Pauldrons production notes

Sith Acolyte Chest Plate productions notes

Sith Acolyte Elbow Plate production notes

Sith Acolyte Belt Accessories production notes

Sith Acolyte Leg Armour production notes

Sith Acolyte COD plate production notes

Sith Acolyte Soft Parts production notes

Sith Acolyte Lightsabers

Sith Acolyte Armor Strapping and Assembly

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C4 Central Canada Comic Con, Winnipeg, MB, Canada - October 31, 2015

The following photos were taken at the Comic Con in Winnipeg. The V2 Sith Acolyte armor is upgraded with a full Sith Acolyte Helmet, and the new V2 chest plate. The beautiful thing about the new setup is that since the Acolytes were shown without their hoods in the new cinematic trailer “Sacrifice”, and since I completed an accurate back plate for the helmet, I was able to wear the costume without the hood! Having the hood off really cut down on heat retention, allowing me to wear the helmet pretty much the entire time I was at the con!

At the 501st legion/Mandalorian Mercs’ tables. 

These guys had some really amazing costumes!

Big Daddy vs Sith: who would win?

Chicken soup, coming right up!

Lords of the Sith.

Several universes collide in this photo showing a Predator, Sith, a Turian, and a Spartan.

I don’t know what this is...

This guy was handing out free hugs, just like the sign says.

Some wicked-looking Mandalorians.

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Star Wars Celebration 7, Anaheim, CA, US - April, 2015

Below are some photos taken of me in my V1 Sith Acolyte Armour at Celebration 7 in Anaheim in April 2015. This is the first version of the armor, which features the original, V1 chest plate and front mask only (not a complete helmet). The first photo in the series is by far my favourite - thanks so much for taking it and sending it my way, Patrick!

Shots below taken in front of the burning Coruscant backdrop from the SWTOR trailer “Deceived” - the coolest photos of the entire trip!

Sith Acolyte

Below, Charles Sheeley of Ruthlessfx as SWTOR’s Tulak Hord.

Below: Sith Acolyte, Tulak Hord, Revan and other Sith lords. I do not know who these talented cosplayers are, but if you do, be sure to send me a message and let me know so that I may tag them here.

At the Dark Alliance booth.

Sith Acolyte and a Jedi on civil terms. It is supposed to be a time of truce after all! Not sure who this Jedi is, but if you do, be sure to let me know so that I may credit him and thank him for this awesome photo opportunity.

Truce or no truce, peace is a lie!

Spot the bounty hunter in the next photo, because we sure didn’t!

Kallig shines Tulak’s boots; I await my turn.

The following photo shows how nicely most of the armor pieces tuck in for transportation. The only pieces missing from the photo are helmet, shoes, and chest plate.

Mynock, Ruthlessfx and company with the senior BioWare SWTOR development staff the day of the SWTOR Community Cantina tour at the Hilton.

And this fun little photo...

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Sith Acolyte V1 Armor First Fitting at Home - May, 2015

Below is a series of images taken at home shortly after the armour was completed. This is the first version of the armor, which features the original, V1 chest plate and front mask only (not a complete helmet).

Thanks for looking!

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