Sith Acolyte Armor Build

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This is a step-by-step production diary of my 501st Legion-approved version of the Sith Acolyte Armour as seen in the Star Wars: the Old Republic game trailers “HOPE”, and “SACRIFICE". Since beginning this project in the summer of 2012, the armor has and continues to undergo an extensive and complex evolution, as I continue to perfect my prop-making techniques and upgrade my tool arsenal. Click on the links below to view the production notes for each piece. Please note that due to the sheer volume of content in this section, a few pages are still being put together. I update this site daily, so they will be up shortly!

Sith Acolyte Mask Versions 1-4 (archived) production notes

Sith Acolyte Helmets production notes

Sith Acolyte Gauntlet Assembly production notes

Sith Acolyte Pauldrons production notes

Sith Acolyte Chest Plate productions notes

Sith Acolyte Elbow Plate production notes

Sith Acolyte Belt Accessories production notes

Sith Acolyte Leg Armour production notes

Sith Acolyte COD plate production notes

Sith Acolyte Soft Parts production notes

Sith Acolyte Lightsabers

Sith Acolyte Armor Strapping and Assembly

Sith Acolyte Costume Gallery 

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