Useful Links

Material Suppliers I Use

  • Silicones, casting resins, mother mold plastics, release agents, silicone thickeners, and anything else casting, this company's products are found on almost every movie set. Though you cannot purchase from them directly, all technical data, instructional guides, as well as MSDS information can be found here.

  • Supplier of Smooth-On silicones, casting resins, mother mold plastics, mold release, silicone thickeners, and anything else casting

  • ABS and High Impact Polystyrene sheets for vacuum forming (Winnipeg)

  • ABS and High Impact Polystyrene sheets for vacuum forming

Canadian Tire, Home Depot, Michael's, Hobby Lobby (various physical locations)

  • Bondo, Plaster of Paris, spray paints, glue, sand paper, vinyl gloves, tools, plastic mixing cups, and pretty much anything and everything else

  • Open cell foam sheets for mask/helmet padding

Various dollar stores for superglue

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"How To" and Costuming Resources

  • There is simply no bigger or better prop-making forum anywhere. Period. If you want to learn how to do anything related to prop making, or simply browse other makers' wares, this forum is a must

  • A division of the famed 501st, this site is an absolute must for anyone who has ever wondered about anything Stormtrooper-related

  • A division of the 501st with fantastic information for non-Stormtrooper Star Wars costuming.

  • Fantastic Boba Fett and other Star Wars Bounty hunter resource site

  • Everything Clone Troopers, including some great helmet molding and general armour assembly/prop making tutorials

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3D Printing Resources

  • Great information on hardware for those looking to get into 3D printing

  • A great resource offered at no charge that should help anyone interested in 3D printing make informed buying decisions

FlashForge USA

  • The manufacturer/distributed of the 3D printers I use. I have no stakes in this company, and only recommend them out of personal experience with their product and customer service.

  • Good general information on 3D printer maintenance and troubleshooting

  • Professional tutorials for dozens of CAD software products (requires monthly subscription). I have no stakes in this company, and only recommend them as a resource that has personally helped me in my own artistic pursuits.

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Other Talented Prop Makers and Costume Designers

  • Helmets and other awesome stuff!

  • If you need a lightsaber, Vader’s Vault is of the best sabersmiths in the world.

  • All manner of wicked armour

  • Various costuming services

  • Maker of latex lekku, and a good source of costuming resources, tips and reference material for Twi’leks. 

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