Sith Acolyte Strapping and Assembly

The following video explains how the Sith Acolyte torso assembly is held together and worn:

How the pauldrons, elbows, bracers, and hand plates are worn is explained in the following video:

The thigh plates are held together with some elastic straps that are glued across both plates, and further secured in place with a few strips of industrial strength velcro. They are held up with some non-elastic nylon straps that buckle into corresponding straps that connect to a 2” web duty belt. This belt is not seen when the costume is worn because the COD/stomach piece (part of the torso assembly shown in the above video) covers it.

20150402 190321
20150404 012940

The shin/calves aren’t held up with any sort of strapping system, but rest on top of the shoes.

20150412 182727

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