Sith Acolyte Soft Parts

Instead of doing a lengthy writeup, here is a video that explains the soft parts that comprise my Sith Acolyte costume.

The robe was made for me by an incredibly talented seamstress, Sharon Honey out of a material called “blizzard fleece”. Sharon and I bounced ideas off one another and went through three different versions of the robe before we settled on both fabric and pattern.

To paint the sleeves Sharon suggested Tulip brand volumetric fabric paint, which you can pick up at Michael’s, or on Amazon for a few bucks a tube. I used a roll of bubble wrap to fill out the sleeve, measured out the stripe thickness to be painted, and masked off the area using blue painter’s tape.

I then applied the paint with a brush and let it dry overnight before tackling the second stripe in the same manner.

To finish up, I attached a piece of sticky back industial strength velcro to the top of the mask and sewed a corresponding strip inside the hood of the robe to ensure the hood stayed up while in costume.

And stand up it did!

Thanks for looking!

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